Creative and Industry Approaches to Mobility in the Age of the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Data (CIAM)

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The overarching research questions is: How can the Internet of Things, blockchain* and data transform mobility culture, society and industry (especially around cars and cycling), how is this approached by artists and industry innovators, and how can we conceptualise these shifts with a media perspective?

This research question is addressed through the following three inter-related work packages: Conceptual; Industry, Artists and Innovation; and Leadership. Together, they will cover the research, industrial strategy and leadership and elements of the fellowship.

*A blockchain is an incorruptible "ledger of transactions of digital assets: of who owns what, who transacts what, of what and when", recording various kinds of value (Adams, et al.2018. Blockchain for Good?).
Short titleCIAM
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/03/21


  • Arts and Humanities Research Council