Consolidation, learning and evaluation in Kenya and Rwanda: A critical review of Changing the Story projects in Eastern Africa

  • Moncrieffe, Marlon (PI)

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    This project brings together partners from Kenya, Rwanda, and the UK. We will collate, analyse and evaluate the key findings of Changing the Story (CTS) research from the Mobile Arts for Peace Project (MAP) (Rwanda); Young peoples’ interpretations of civic national values (CNV) (Kenya); Connective Memories (CM) (Rwanda) and Reanimating Contested Spaces (RCS) (Rwanda). This fusion will serve to advance the sharing of our knowledge and understanding on common themes of learning, and what may be the future possibilities for the collective advancement, scalability, and sustainability of our projects in the East African region and beyond this. We intend to produce and share a report of our findings before June 2021.

    Our project will share on how formal and informal citizenship and peace education for teaching and learning with young people in the Changing the Story East African region have been embellished and transformed by the Arts Based Methodologies (ABM) of CTS Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects.

    Our project will provide understanding of the impact of ABM on Civil Service Organisations (CSOs) professional practice for knowing how this can provide robust guidance to future approaches on pedagogy, curriculum design and policymaking at local, regional, and national levels. Evidence of research impact from our final report will be of particular interest to local, regional, and national councils and government as stakeholders for citizenship education in East Africa.
    Short titleGCRF
    Effective start/end date1/05/2030/06/21






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