Connections for sustainable change

  • Masika, Rachel (PI)
  • Wisker, Gina (CoPI)

Project Details


The British Council funded our work in partnership with the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) in Iraq. UKH is a new initiative in the federal region of Kurdistan in Iraq, funded by the Regional Government of Kurdistan. UKH is an independent public institution, and it will maintain this independence as an indispensable condition of teaching, learning and research.

It offers degrees in economics and finance, management and business studies, politics and international relations, sociology and social policy, modern history and information technology, but in the coming years it will expand to teach humanities and natural sciences as well. The medium of instruction and research is English, and a number of UKH staff undertook the Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Brighton.

The objectives of this project were to:

> facilitate learning and professional development
> embed new skills and strategies to support the continued development of teaching, curriculum improvements, research capacity enhancements and reflexive practice
contribute to the building of a qualified and skilled workforce in the region.

Key findings

The British Council funding covered the development of the University of Brighton and UKH partnership in learning and professional development.

Approximately 400 students at UKH and thousands in other regions benefited from new skills acquired and strategies employed by academics, supporting the intellectual development of the university and other regions. Sustainable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, communities of practice and an education development centre support the continued development of teaching, curriculum improvements, research capacity enhancements and reflexive practice across the university beyond the life of the project. New courses established, for example, a PGCert course, funded by UKH, will help build a qualified and skilled workforce in Iraq, long after project termination and will have a wider impact on the Iraqi community including public and private sectors and the general public.


Delivery of PGCert programme for the continuing professional development of lecturers at UKH

Assessment, nurturing and harnessing creativity
Research methodology and postgraduate supervision
Women as leaders and managers
Learning and teaching
Engaging students and learning environments
Curriculum development using learning outcomes

Wisker, G, Masika, R, Golmohamad, H and Dabbagh, L (2012) From Brighton to Erbil and back: Partnerships in women’s academic development, Postcolonial Studies Newsletter Autumn 2012

Eve, J. International educational development: a partnership programme with the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr for the University of Brighton Magazine, E-Channel.
Effective start/end date1/10/1031/08/12


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