Conflict, Memory and Migration: Northern Irish Migrants and the Troubles in Great Britain

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    The primary aim of this project is to examine the complex and distinctive interrelationship between the Troubles in Northern Ireland (c.1969-98) and the shaping of distinctive forms of Northern Irish migrant subjectivity in Great Britain.

    Two closely related core aims flow from this:
    (i) to use the Northern Irish migrant experience as a lens through which to glean new insights into the domestic significance of the history and memory of the Troubles in Britain, and into the ways in which ongoing conflicts between competing understandings of the past might be addressed and negotiated;
    (ii) to use the case of Northern Irish migration to Britain to develop new conceptual and theoretical understandings of the relationship between the dynamics of the migrant experience and wider societal processes of religious-ethnic conflict, cultural reception and popular memory.
    Effective start/end date1/04/1931/12/22


    • Arts and Humanities Research Council


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