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This project led to the creation of an innovative garden in an emergency respite care home (just prior to COVID 19 lockdown). The project engaged and explored a range of methods to insure collaboration and inclusion in the design of sustainable and circular design initiatives for the design of the community space.

Key findings

The project explored ways in which 'circular economy' thinking towards better material resource management could be applied within the context of care. It revealed the value and role of collaborative making with 'waste' and range of materials can support inclusion of users with complex needs in the 'sustainability' problem and solution space in really relevant and practical ways. These enhanced self-esteem and the material contribution that can be made by diverse members of the community.
Short titleGrangemead Garden
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/03/18


  • Grangemead Community 21


  • sustainable design
  • inclusive design
  • Sustainable Materials
  • circular economy


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