Brighton and Hove Health Counts Survey 2024

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Researchers are delivering the 2024 Brighton & Hove Health Counts Survey, which builds on three former surveys conducted in 1992, 2003, and 2012.

Health and lifestyle population surveys are an important method of public health research due to their ability to gather robust information by geographical area, their capacity to provide trend data, their ability to focus on important new issues across the population, and their ability to explore health inequalities across the population by making demographic comparisons.

The most recent version of the survey in 2012, drew a random sample of 2.5% of the population aged 18 years or over via the GP registration database. In 2023, the Health Counts Survey (HCS) will run once more through GP practices building on the previous surveys but with relevant updates.

The research team is led by Prof Nigel Sherriff and Dr Catherine Aicken, together with Dr Alex Sawyer, and Profs Kathleen Galvin, Jorg Huber, Carrie Llewellyn, and Massimo Mirandola. 
Short titleHealth Counts
Effective start/end date3/01/2330/06/24


  • Brighton and Hove City Council


  • Health
  • public health
  • survey
  • Brighton
  • Hove
  • lifestyles
  • wellbeing


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