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Medical devices are traditionally low volume, large variety and complex in geometry. These make manufacturing of medical devices very low-efficient.

To reduce lead-time in medical devices made from hard-to-machine materials, e.g. titanium and stainless, the aim of the project is to innovate in manufacturing of medical devices in four aspects:
(a) advanced Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing simulations to ensure right-at-the-first-time manufacturing;
(b) rapid machining codes (e.g. G codes) generation based on parametric modelling of part geometry for part family that are similar in geometry;
(c) responsive machining in response to inspection in which machining codes are linked with inspection results;
(d) feasibility study of 3D metal printing in medical devices;

The project innovates in computer aided design and manufacture of medical devices, enhancing productivity by linking simulations, automatic machining code generation and inspection to CAD models to significantly reduce machine setting times, facilitating rapid reaction to patient needs
Effective start/end date16/07/1815/07/21


  • Innovate UK - KTP


  • CAD/CAM,
  • Inspection
  • 3D printing


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