Age Concern Eastbourne - The Eastbourne Shed

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This Big Lottery funded project seeks to understand how interventions improve health in socially isolated older men and their carers.

Social isolation has negative impacts on both health and lifespan in older people although the mechanisms underlying these detrimental effects are currently not fully understood.

Age Concern, Eastbourne and the University of Brighton have been successful in obtaining a Big Lottery grant worth £500,000 to fund the maintenance and development of 3 sheds designed to alleviate loneliness. The sheds provide a gathering point for isolated older people to congregate and work together on community projects and while doing so to talk and reduce loneliness.

The University of Brighton will be exploring how the experience of the shed alleviates markers of stress and feelings of loneliness and whether or not it improves markers of physiological health and the participants perception of their health. Not only will we explore how attendance at the shed benefits attendees but will also explore whether it benefits long term carers by providing them with free time to socialise.
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/12/23


  • Age Concern, Eastbourne


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