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The Centre for Digital Skills in Visual and Material Culture project co-designs and pilots a training framework for upskilling the Arts and Humanities (A&H) community in the creation, management, and use of multidimensional (2D/3D) digital media to unlock its potential.

For this, the project designs and pilots various learning methods, including Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, placements, creative residencies, as well as formal learning provisions at Higher Education Institutions’ curricula. In particular, the project develops a self-assessment toolkit to support individuals and organisations, to identify the skills needed to support future areas of work/research at the short (1-2 years) and medium term (3-5 years).

These activities will be assessed for their feasibility to assess their efficacy.

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Effective start/end date19/02/23 → 30/06/24


  • AHRC


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