Veneta Roberts

Veneta Roberts

Research Student, How can postcolonial feminist fiction reaffirm gaps in black British history, using oral history and magical realism?

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As a black British woman and avid researcher in black British history and doctoral researcher in postcolonial feminist fiction, which will reaffirm gaps in black British history, I am encouraged by the work lead by the Centre for Memory, Narrative and History, which directly links to my continued research.  My continued research enables me to place a spotlight and unearth histories of those currently invisble lives, as a way to reclaim and reimagine black history within Britain and specifically the south of England.  As a representative of black culture, and a reconfirmation of modernity as a black British woman, my work establishes how back history should be placed within the social remit of modern England.  This research is necessary to implement change within Britain and academia.


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