Personal profile

Supervisory Interests

My supervisory interests lie in three distinct but equally fascinating areas: women's entrepreneurship, social marketing, and influencer marketing. Each of these fields offers rich opportunities for research and exploration. With a primary expertise in qualitative research, I aim to delve deep into the narratives and experiences that define women's entrepreneurship, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Simultaneously, my interest in social marketing and influencer marketing focuses on the impact and mechanisms of these modern marketing strategies in shaping consumer behavior and societal trends. Although my foundation is in qualitative methods, I also possess experience in quantitative research, making me well-equipped to guide postgraduate students interested in either or both approaches. I am keen to supervise students who are driven to explore any of these areas, whether their focus is on the entrepreneurial journeys of women, the transformative power of social marketing, or the influential role of digital personalities in today's marketing landscape.