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Lucy  is a research student at the School of Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton. She completed her undergraduate studies  in International Business Management (2012) and Master’s studies in International Event Management (2014) and currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Brighton

With nine years of experience as an educator, Lucy takes pride in teaching in international settings. Her teaching expertise and research interests include International Event Management, Sport Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism management, Risk and Crisis Management

Contribution to the body of knowledge:

Lucy aspires to have her research develop and add to the theories relating to the unique contribution to the productivity of human capital in a culturally diverse-dominated hospitality industry. The research aims to add knowledge to the existing gap in human capital. There is abundant debate on human capital in a nationalistic context but little has been discussed about the global demographic trend where migration has brought about experts in the hospitality field from across the world. On top of the research is to underscore the underpinning drivers of innovation as a function of human diversity and co-creation. By nature, the hospitality sector hosts guests from various nationalities. In this regard, it is only logical to establish whether diversity should be engrained in the hospitality industry to meet the diverse and unique needs of the diverse guests/customers. It's her aspiration to develop a framework upon which talent arising from migrant experts can be tapped to engineer innovation both in service and products in the hospitality industry.


Research interests:

Lucy’s research interest is to widely explore the subject area (Human capital and migration) within the current and past debates in academia in order to align the research focus in a manner that prioritises the research journey effectively. Lucy also looks forward to contextualising and committing to a time-framed journey which will make it possible to successfully accomplish the research within the set timeline.


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