Personal profile

Scholarly biography

Throughout her career, Lidia has reported from various global locations, covering significant events such as the Paris terrorist attacks, the Mosul offensive, and the migrant crisis across Europe. In her leadership roles, she has overseen teams during global summits, including the G20 and COP climate meetings, as well as major sports events like the Summer Olympics and the World Cup.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge with emerging journalists and has designed and led courses on video journalism as part of her duties as a manager. She mentored new journalists in filming skills and visual storytelling.

Currently, she is pursuing a PhD at the University of Wollongong. Her research centres on the experiences of female video journalists worldwide, and in the second stage, on the Global South. She takes intersectionality and feminist standpoint theory as a starting point to conduct in-depth interviews to learn about the experiences of women video journalists at work, but also in their private sphere. One of the aims of this research is to enhance the broader comprehension of gender and race issues in journalism, particularly in videojournalism.

Her academic journey involves producing a feature-length documentary titled 'One Woman Show: The Challenges Facing Women Videojournalists.' The film offers a real-life look at the daily lives of women video journalists in the Global South – local and foreign – providing valuable insights into the challenges they face.

Research interests

  • Videojournalism
  • Gender and journalism
  • Race and journalism
  • War and conflict

Approach to teaching

Her teaching philosophy advocates for an experience-based learning model in which students actively participate in and undertake hands-on projects that reflect the challenges and opportunities of the evolving journalism landscape. 

Her aim is to not only cultivate skilled journalists, but also conscientious, adaptable, and visionary critical thinkers and media innovators who will continue to move journalism forward in this digital age.