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Research interests

Jeremy Radvan is an academic and a teacher of drawing and visual communication. He comes from a background in illustration with a particular interest in drawing and animation. He has taught in a number of institutions and at a wide range of levels for 25 years.

His research comes out of an abiding interest in drawing. 

Approach to teaching

Three areas of practice have a particular bearing on my teaching practice


The Figure and Anatomy a practice based on life drawing leading to teaching artistic anatomy - The use of drawing to clarify through visualisation


Collaborative performance an investigation of the points of contact between dance and drawing. Employment of a range of digital devices to allow the use of real time drawing and animation in performance. The creation of custom written software to incorporate the functionality of the hardware used for the performances.


This led to

Coding and New Media, forms of communication media,  

The relationship between time, narrative and sequence in new media.

Most recently an interest in 360 drawing, history and current technology.


  • NC Drawing Design Illustration
  • coding
  • artistic anatomy
  • new media


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