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Dr Chrystie Myketiak is a political discourse analyst who examines language in use in order to uncover what its form, function, and structure tells us about interaction, structural inequalities, and the covert values and beliefs within a culture. Her research interests are in power and justice; gender, sexualities, desire; intersectionality; violence; social norms; sociocultural theories (specifically, feminist and queer theories); mediated communication.

Chrystie's specialist research is in three areas, with each strand combining her general interests. The first addresses talk about sex, sexuality and desire as social forces through the investigation of conversations in a technologically-mediated community; the monograph, Online Sex Talk and the Social World (Palgrave, "Studies on Language, Gender, and Sexuality"), culminates her work in this area. In order to support her writing of this book, the University of Brighton awarded her a Sabbatical Award. Chrystie's second strand of research is an intersectional discourse analysis of texts produced by mass shooters, which focuses on how the desire-centred discourse strategies used by the offenders attempt to legitimate structural inequalities and construct normative identities. This research will be published in the book Discourse, Demand, Desire: An Intersectional Analysis of Mass Shooter Texts (Palgrave). Her third body of research began as a discursive-pragmatic analysis of medical errors and the construction of accountability in medical error news reporting and clinical incident reporting; she is currently expanding her work on accountability in new directions. 

Scholarly biography

A single overarching question led Chrystie to study and work across the humanities and social sciences: how do interaction and social structures work together to reproduce or alternatively challenge structural inequalities? This focus combined with a commitment to undoing structural harms as they manifest in language use and communication is key to her research, teaching, and leadership. 

Chrystie is subject lead for Politics, Policy, and Discourse Studies, a dynamic department that draws together faculty and students who, in their research, teaching, and study, are committed to both understanding sociopolitical phenomena and finding solutions for key global challenges. In addition to this role, her commitment to EDI initiatives has led her to simultaneously take on the role of Athena SWAN lead for the School of Humanities and Social Science. Prior to this, she was subject lead for Sociology, Politics, and Discourse Studies and led the academic programme at the School of Humanities Falmer campus, which included provision in English Language, Linguistics, Literature, Media, and Creative Writing. Chrystie joined the University of Brighton in 2015 as a Senior Lecturer, having previously been a postdoctoral research associate on two EPSRC-funded projects in Cognitive Science at Queen Mary University of London, where she was also a visiting lecturer in Linguistics. 
She completed her PhD at QMUL and held a summer fellowship at Oxford University's Internet Institute. Chrystie holds an MA in Sociology from Dalhousie University and was a research associate in Health and Human Performance at the same university. Both her MA and PhD were funded through competitive scholarships. She has a BA Hons in Sociology and Gender Studies from the University of Regina and completed several courses at First Nations University of Canada. 
Topics that Chrystie has researched include: desire in technologically mediated conversations, documents produced by mass shooters, clinical incident reports, medical news reporting, sex worker narratives, intravenous drug use practices, public engagement strategies and their efficacy, and online feminist collectives. 

Supervisory Interests

Chrystie supervises six PhD students and has two PhD student completions. She is happy to be contacted by prospective students who plan to investigate politics and discourse, likely through discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis, queer linguistics, conversation analysis, or multimodal discourse analysis. 

Broad areas of inquiry might include (and overlap on):

  • desire and pleasure
  • gender and sexualities
  • power, violence, and justice
  • politics of language/political language
  • identities and intersectionality
  • norms and belonging

Education/Academic qualification

Master, Dalhousie University

PhD, Queen Mary University of London

External positions

Postdoc, Queen Mary University of London



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