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Dr Hamie’s main research area is formal aspects of software development covering requirements, design, verification and validation. Modern software development requires the design and analysis of a number of different artifacts. The use of formal techniques and methods facilitates the precise formulation of these artifacts. His research involved many aspects of software engineering including specifications patterns, design by contract, and the formal semantics of object-oriented notation such as UML . In particular he developed  a translation between  The Object Constraint Language  OCL (part of UML)  and  The Java Modeling Language  JML,  that facilitates the validation of designs at the implementation level.

I have published over 35 papers in the area of formal methods and software enginnering. Here is my Google Scholar Link for a full list of my publications.

Scholarly biography

 Dr Hamie is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering, University of Brighton, UK. During his time at Brighton, he lectured on and contributed to the development of computer science and software engineering courses, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Ali graduated from the Lebanese University with a BSc in pure mathematics (1982), and from the University of Essex he obtained: Posgraduate Diploma in Computing (1986), MSc in Computer Science (1987) [Distinction for the dissertation], PhD in Computer Science (1991). He spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Newcastle before moving to Brighton where he was a postdoctoral research Fellow on a EPSRC funded project (jointly with Imperial College), followed by the current post.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2017.

Supervisory Interests

I am interested in supervising topics in the formal aspects of computing and design by contract, including the UML, Object Constraint Language (OCL) and the Java Modelling Language (JML).  Recent PhD student topics includes concept diagrams and ontology modelling and evaluation.


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