School of Applied Social Science

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Activities 1998 2019


Writing the urban

Elona Hoover (Organiser), Kate Monson (Organiser), Sarah Butler (Chair)
6 Jun 20198 Jun 2019

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Living justice and injustice at the urban edge

Bethan Prosser (Organiser)
17 May 2019

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Power, Knowledge and Violence in Academic and Activist Spaces

Deanna Dadusc (Organiser)
16 Nov 2018

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Undisciplined Methods

Elona Hoover (Organiser), Ellan Parry (Organiser), Adam Phillips (Organiser), Kate Monson (Organiser), Shai Kassirer (Organiser), Lorenza Ippolito (Organiser), Xavier Balaguer Rasillo (Organiser)
31 May 20171 Jun 2017

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Gender, Activism and Criminal Justice

Raphael Schlembach (Organiser), Deanna Dadusc (Organiser), Greta Squire (Organiser)
24 May 2017

Activity: EventsWorkshop