Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics

Activities 2008 2019


Bodies on the Move: on screen and in the streets

Bethan Prosser (Organiser), Claudia Kappenberg (Organiser), Kate Monson (Organiser), Elona Hoover (Organiser)
29 May 2019

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Entangled Relations

Harriet Atkinson (Organiser), Cheryl Buckley (Organiser), Ysanne Holt (Organiser)
16 Jul 2018

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Undisciplined Methods

Elona Hoover (Organiser), Ellan Parry (Organiser), Adam Phillips (Organiser), Kate Monson (Organiser), Shai Kassirer (Organiser), Lorenza Ippolito (Organiser), Xavier Balaguer Rasillo (Organiser)
31 May 20171 Jun 2017

Activity: EventsWorkshop

Gender, Activism and Criminal Justice

Raphael Schlembach (Organiser), Deanna Dadusc (Organiser), Greta Squire (Organiser)
24 May 2017

Activity: EventsWorkshop