BioDynamic Test Instrument with WinTest Digital Control System

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      Lewes Road

      Huxley Building


      BN2 4GJ

      United Kingdom

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    ElectroForce BioDynamic test instruments provide accurate characterisation of biomaterials and biological specimens within a sterile cell culture media environment.

    The instruments can be used for the evaluation of a variety of specimens, including biomaterials, acellular and cell-seeded scaffolds, native tissue samples and tissue-engineered constructs.

    Key Features:
    - Versatile chambers for vascular and orthopaedic applications
    - Multi-axial capabilities: axial, axial/torsion, axial/pulsatile, and axial/pulsatile/torsion
    - Suitable for autoclaving and ethylene oxide sterilisation

    Key Applications:
    - Sterile tissue constructs
    - Biomaterial performance
    - Scaffold engineering
    - Biocompatibility evaluations


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