Transparency and Occlusion: Looking at (rather than through) 35mm art history slides

Activity: External talk or presentationInvited talk


Invited presenter to an expert panel on the scientific history of art history:

"Photo/media history and art history: Paradigmatic thresholds

In the form of a panel discussion, the forum deals with the paradigmatic thresholds in the area of tension between media and art history. Horst Bredekamp's provocative thesis, “Art history is a technical subject,” forms the starting point for our debate. Photography in particular has had a significant impact on academic art history and shaped its models of thought. Connoisseurship approaches, comparative vision and comparative iconography developed significantly in connection with this first “new medium”. While interactions between visual artifacts and various media forms of representation had already existed and been negotiated discursively long before the era of photography, they have been strengthened and continuously institutionalized since the emergence of the technical image medium and the innovations that followed. The genesis of modern mass media, characterized by transformative moments, influenced not only perception, but also artistic expression and the viewing of historical artifacts.

We pay particular attention to digitization, especially in connection with photography. This not only leads to “datafication”, but also enables access to high-quality image material, with effects on increasingly fluid processes of appropriation or exploitation. Social media, online platforms, augmented and virtual reality applications as well as digital reconstructions offer interactive reception formats and thus influence the production of knowledge in a decisive way.

In this context, we would like to encourage a discussion about the medialization of three-dimensionality as well as textures, materials and surfaces. Our guests are renowned experts who present their positions in short keynote speeches and then enter into a lively discussion at panel and plenary level."
Period13 Mar 2024
Event title37th German Congress for Art History
Event typeConference
LocationErlangen, GermanyShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational