The “F” Word: Feminism and Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy

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Recent political turmoil, economic crises, climate change and increased calls for social justice have all brought change in how clients present and the issues that they seek to address through psychotherapy. As individuals struggle to sustain a sense of power over their lives, psychotherapists are observing the impact on client work of the resurgence of feminism in the conversation of everyday life.

Whatever their gender, more and more people are tapping into the resources and possibilities that feminist approaches can offer in the face of seismic social, economic and ecological change.

Sometimes seasoned practitioners can be left out of these emergent discourses within younger client groups. Our different positions within social strata can also inhibit comment or the challenging of particular constructs and mindsets that emerge as part of the therapeutic conversation. Outcome Oriented Psychotherapists believe in meeting clients where they are and in affirming client processes of questioning and self-empowerment. We can be better resourced to align with our client’s individual challenges, strengths and possibilities when we have a more confident and layered grasp of feminism – or “The ‘F’ Word”.

This six week course facilitated by Deborah Madden at the BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Pscyhotherapy offers an overview of the historical origins, development and different applications of feminism and its enrichment of psychotherapies. It will start by briefly looking at the emergence of feminist therapy and its emergent debates within the political context of Second Wave feminism. This includes the critical responses made by intersectional feminists. The course explores the core principles of feminist therapy in terms of its analyses of power, gender and identity, as well as specific feminist methodologies and creative practices.
Period9 Jan 202313 Feb 2023
Event typeWorkshop
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  • Feminism
  • Feminist praxis
  • Feminist history
  • Feminist therapy
  • political activism
  • eco-feminism
  • Eco-therapy