Research Week: Talk/Presentation and Workshop: The Druid Shaman – Journey's into Nature's Otherworld

Emery, S. (Presenter)

Activity: External talk or presentationOral presentation


This talk expanded upon the ‘Enspirted Landscape’ talk I delivered last year and conveys how my Druid practice and study (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) is informing my printmaking artworks.
The presentation covered content such as:
– Accessing powers of place
– Travelling the World Tree
– Exploring and navigating the Celtic Otherworld
– The Celtic Wheel of the Year
– The Four Cardinal Directions - and associated symbolism
– Nemetona and the nemeton
– Ancestors and Bloodlines
– Totem Animals
– Taliesin, Britain’s greatest Shaman poet
– The Web of Wyrd
– The Crane Bag: A Druid’s shamanic tools
– Shamanic consciousness and insight
– Awen: The Creative flow of inspiration

Following the talk, I delivered a practical session that included Druidic and Yogic Dharana Meditations along with creative thinking exercises such as ‘The Shadow’: Psychosynthesis – conversing with your psychic hero/es.
Period11 Nov 2019
Event titleResearch Week: School of Art. University of Brighton
Event typeOther
LocationBrighton, United Kingdom