Raymond Williams, John Logie Baird: Television, Technology and Cultural Form

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    Presentation of 'Echo Fold revolve' Single Screen Video and Sound with description of context.

    Echo Fold Revolve (2007 – 2008) is an artwork for single screen video with sound, which re-imagines the ‘texture’ of Logie Baird’s early television technology using adapted everyday objects. The vertical lines synonymous with the 30-line television technology become the filter through which early 20th century archive images and sounds are re-enacted. The music in the video is an adaptation of the song Amy’ by Horatio Nicolls arranged for voice and ‘banjulele’ banjo, written on the occasion of Amy Johnson’s solo flight from England to Australia in 1930.

    This presentation provides the context of this work, and how it is part of The Difference Machine, a series using mediated sounds and images to investigate the roles and representations of women in the assimilation of technology into culture. The series considers how the singing voice in the context of mediated images and mediated sounds might function both as an alluring presence and as a critical tool when exploring the roles and representations of women and technology. So far the series has considered the work of Daphne Oram a composer and pioneer in sound at the BBC Radiophonic workshop, Clara Rockmore an icon in early electronic music who played the Theremin, Amy Johnson who was the first female aviator in the UK to fly solo from England to Australia and Ada Lovelace who worked with Charles Babbage and designed the first computer programme.
    Period19 Sept 2013
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