Planetary Boundaries - Sainsbury Centre Ideation Workshop

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The Sainsbury Centre will present a six-month season of exhibitions, interventions and events that explore the near exhaustion of the Earth’s natural resources. Contemporary artworks will respond to the environmental impact of excess waste, and suggest alternative ways of living that will not cost us the planet. The exhibition will encourage us to ask the question: do we really need all this stuff?

The Sainsbury Centre hosted a half day ideation workshop considering their ideas for a series of events reflecting 'Planetary Boundaries. Baker-Brown was one of six experts invited to take part in this workshop. Topics for discussion included:

The complexity of the problem is overwhelming – how can we break it down?

What is the biggest challenge that we will encounter in the next 30 years? How can this be expressed non-verbally to non-specialists?

How can we provide a strong and clear message - should the exhibition be didactic? If we want to inspire hope – is the artwork serving as propaganda?

Over the next decade, how will people’s expectations of museums and public services change?

How can the work of the museum mitigate environmental pollution and climate change?

Can we ask more of our visitors? E.g. citizen science projects, activism, participation (behavioural change)

How do audiences respond to scientific data?

What kind of art do we need in the 21st century?

When we exhibit artworks that relate to science should we select artists whose work is ethical?

What inspires you? How does the work of contemporary artists/designers relate to your own research projects?

Which artists do you recommend?
Period11 Nov 2022
Event typeWorkshop
LocationNorwich, United KingdomShow on map
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  • Planetary Boundaries
  • contemporary art
  • Art Curation
  • Communicating Climate Crisis
  • Mitigation of Environmental Pollution