Perceptions of Death in Collective Memory: Numbers | Spaces | Texts

  • Sophie Ungerer (Participant)

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Interdisciplinary research project funded by AlumNode, in collaboration with Dr Sibylle Erle (Reader in English Literature, Bishop Grosseteste University, UK) and Dr Makrina Agaoglou (Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas).
The project consisted of a symposium we organised (November 2021), a conference presentation (May 2022) and a video-interview, tracing the process. The project explored how we might use an interdisciplinary approach (Literature, Architecture & Matehmatics) to understand how as a wider society we perceive, construct and represent death and memory, looking at public spaces such as graveyards and monuments. Using Blake’s poem ‘London’ as a catalyst, the project also investigated how poetry and text might be translated into spatial experiential proposals.
PeriodJun 2021Jul 2022
Event typeOther
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • interdisciplinary
  • death
  • Memory
  • perception