Graduate Research Experience and Transitioning to Grad School

  • Fadi Castronovo (Consultant)

Activity: Consultancy


External Educational Evaluation Consultant

Program Information:
United State of America National Science Foundation (NSF) Division Of Materials Research - Award Number: 2011839

Program Description:
GREaT GradS aims to offer an 8-week in-person Materials Summer School to incoming marginalized STEM graduate students in MRSEC member departments including Chemistry, Materials Science and Physics. The program will have three distinct areas: 1) in-person research experience, 2) professional development and community building (sense of belonging in STEM), and 3) tailored preparation for a specific graduate class or tutoring for qualifying exams for the individual programs. These incoming grad students will be given the opportunity to jump-start their materials-related research by working in a lab. This substantial majority of research will be related to Materials Science, and this in-person experience will be particularly important for those marginalized students who didn’t experience a traditional REU or summer internship because of COVID-19.
PeriodMay 2020Sept 2020
Work forPennsylvania State University, United States