FIP Webinar:Sports Pharmacy Practice and Education: A global overview

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harmacists as athlete support personnel have rooted themselves as key players in medical teams serving athletes. Sports pharmacy evolved from a niche practice during the establishment of WADA two decades ago, gaining traction with the publication of the FIP guidelines “The Role of the Pharmacist in the Fight against Doping in Sport” in 2014. Today, we recognise sports pharmacy as a specialty practice, fundamental to the antidoping movement and athlete health. Pharmacists provide accurate sports drug information, avoid inadvertent doping, and coordinate pharmacy services at sporting events. We present two successful models in education and proper training of pharmacists to work with athletes.

Attendees will learn about:

1. Exploring the specialty of sports pharmacy based on expert consensus
2. Discussing a foundation for sports pharmacy curricula
3. Describing a successful example of sports pharmacy practice

-Daragh Connolly, Chair Board of Pharmaceutical Practice-Ireland

Ashley Anderson, Clinical Sports Pharmacy Specialist / Antidoping Pharmacist International Sports Pharmacists Network USA
David Mottram, Emeritus Professor Liverpool John Moores University- UK
Mark Stuart, Pharmacist to the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission International Olympic Committee UK
-Claire May, Academic University of Brighton-UK
-Somer Helvaci, Lecturer IOC accredited sports pharmacist-Turkey
Shigeo Yamamura, Specially-Appointed Professor Josai International University Japan
Period8 Dec 2022
Event typeOther