Disabled history Month Talk 2023 by Chantal Spencer

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Disabled History Month 2023

“Quite a Few Things you Definitely Need to Know About Disability if You Want to Change the World.”

In this session, Chantal will take you on a journey through her personal transformation into a person with a disability, shedding light on the everyday struggles and the profound impact it has had on her academic pursuits. The process of becoming disabled is seldom discussed openly, as the prevailing notion is that one simply becomes disabled, without delving into the intricate and challenging realities encompassing issues such as trauma, gaslighting, and systemic inadequacies. Obtaining an official "disabled" designation demands an immense amount of labour and determination, often undertaken with insufficient support, and marked by encounters with individuals who treat you with suspicion rather than empathy.

Chantal will share her experiences as a Neurodivergent woman who has navigated life without an official diagnosis, a journey that has spanned 42 years. She will articulate the inherent difficulties and hurdles arising from the lack of understanding and support she has also faced throughout her life.

The presentation will explore the intersectionality of her experiences and the physical manifestations of chronic illness, and will provide an overview of her academic work, including her ground-breaking PhD research on methodologies for achieving radical equity.

This talk promises not only to offer insights into Chantal's life but also to prompt self-reflection, challenging your own knowledge and perceptions regarding disability
Period29 Nov 2023
Event typeConference
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  • Disability politics
  • disability justice
  • standpoint
  • feminist research
  • Radical methodologies
  • design justice