Canadian Centre for Architecture

  • Catalina Mejia Moreno (Visiting researcher)

    Activity: Visiting positionVisiting an external academic institution


    The objective of the collective research project “Architecture and/for Photography” is to understand if and how a photography collection such as the CCA’s is capable of fostering critical reflection on architectural practice, public education, civic memory, and social awareness. Following an international “call for captions” and a peer-review process, an interdisciplinary team of researchers and cultural producers was selected to work out micro-histories of the relationships between architecture and photography. Through workshops and residencies at the CCA in Montreal, the interdisciplinary team of researchers developed a collaborative, transversal approach that built on their different perspectives to question the role of photography in shaping the built environment.


    Francesca Ammon
    University of Pennsylvania, United States

    Davide Deriu
    University of Westminster, United Kingdom

    Reto Geiser
    Rice University, United States

    Sara Goldsmith
    Editor/writer, United Kingdom

    Catalina Mejia Moreno
    University of Brighton, United Kingdom
    Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

    Bas Princen
    Photographer, Switzerland and the Netherlands

    Mika Savela
    Aalto University, Finland

    Peter Sealy
    Harvard GSD, United States


    Brian Dillon
    Royal College of Art, United Kingdom

    Karen Irvine
    Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College, United States

    Stefano Graziani
    Photographer, Italy

    Jesus Vassallo
    Rice University, United States

    Peer Reviewers:

    David Gissen
    California College of the Arts, United States

    Armin Linke
    Photographer, Germany
    PeriodMay 2016Sept 2017
    VisitingCanadian Centre for Architecture
    Degree of RecognitionInternational