Break the Bias: Mobilising Gender Equality through Digital Research andInnovation

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On International Women’s Day, we are reminded of the ongoing struggle for gender
equality and the need for continued action to break down barriers and biases that
prevent women across the globe from fully participating in society. Women face
unique challenges in accessing and utilizing technology, and the objectives of digital
research and innovation are often skewed toward gendered outcomes. Yet it
remains rare to see intervention in gender inequality prioritised.
To mark this important day, this event offers presentations on the theme of
Breaking the Bias: Mobilising Gender Equality through Digital Research and
Innovation. All responded to a call for papers on a wide range of research topics
and practice-based contributions related to this theme, including, but not limited to:

 The barriers and biases that prevent women from accessing and utilizing
 Gendered politics of digital innovation
 Mobilising digital health innovation and research for gender equality
 Gendered impacts of the digital divide
 Creative practice and the digital empowerment of women
 Intersections of gender, and marginalization and digital exclusion
 Strategies for increasing the participation of women in digital innovation and
 Mobilising gender and digital equality through policy, civil society and activism
Period8 Mar 2023
Event typeConference


  • Feminism; women and digital;