Autism and Loneliness

  • Gemma Williams (Presenter)
  • Lisa Quadt (Presenter)
  • Rachel Fricker (Presenter)

Activity: External talk or presentationInvited talk



In this session, we will speak about the increased rates of loneliness in autistic adults, how feeling lonely affects their mental health, and the role of sensory sensitivities in loneliness. We discuss the contribution of society and highlight the evident need for accessible and welcoming environments. We will do so from three perspectives: empirical data points, qualitative interview results, and experiential insights.

Learning outcomes:

Loneliness is significantly higher in autistic adults and strongly linked with mental distress
This link can partially be explained by sensory sensitivities
Society contributes to this by systematically abandoning autistic people, creating a need for spaces that welcome all neurotypes
Period10 Mar 2022
Event titleNational Autistic Society Professional's Conference: Autism and Mental Health
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionNational